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April 2016 

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My 2 Cents on… Time Management

It’s a wonderful concept, and yet, such a great misnomer! Who could seriously believe that something as abstract as time can be managed? Other than turning your clocks back and forth to adjust for daylight saving time twice a year, how else are you “managing time”? Perhaps you can manage projects, people, tasks, budgets, etc. – but time? Yet, “time management” is still the buzzword of today’s busy bees. In business, time is … read more

Ralf Bieler
Co-Founder, President & CEO – Cash Flow Exclusive, LLC
Principal & CEO – Multiple Funding Solutions, Inc.

Tips of the Trade - Marty Granoff

Not All Cash Flows Are Regulated

Some cash flows we acquire are regulated. And that’s a good thing because it ensures that sellers are getting a fair deal. But if you are no friend of regulations, you can avoid them by buying cash flows that are not regulated. It’s your call. Last week, I was attending a networking group luncheon of bankers, loan brokers, and private lenders at a local hotel. I go there every month, and this time I was asked to be on a panel to discuss alternative and unconventional cash flows including… read more

Marty Granoff
Co-Founder, Vice President – Cash Flow Exclusive, LLC
Principal – Granoff Enterprises

Tips of The Trade - Jeff Armstrong_new

Catching New Note Holders

If you want more bang out of your marketing buck but, like most small note business owners, you are short on time, patience, and spare cash in your marketing budget, then pay-per-click (PPC) might be right for you to add to your existing marketing plan… read more

Jeff Armstrong
President – Armstrong Capital

Tips of Trade - Don Lane


What is a client base? A client base is your group of individuals who are constantly using your services to help “their clients” who then become your clients because you are able to help them. A good, solid customer base can be the key to making your business/niche successful even during a recession… read more

Don Lane
President – Condor International Financial Services and Desert Funding