Botox For Your Cash Flow Business

It’s high time you plump up your business and get the old wrinkles out. Here’s a great way to get started. Are you taking your cash-flow business seriously? What are you doing differently this year to see more opportunities and close more deals than last year? While the first question is probably not one upon […]

The 2018 IFA Annual Factoring Conference: Revolutionizing the Future of the Commercial Finance Industry

On May 9-12, 2018, attendees will gather at the largest conference in the world exclusively designed for commercial finance professionals. Dedicated to being the foremost educational experience in the industry, the 24th Annual Factoring Conference is not to be missed. This year’s conference will focus on positioning you and your business for the future. Enter […]

Time Management

It’s a wonderful concept, and yet, such a great misnomer! Who could seriously believe that something as abstract as time can be managed? Other than turning your clocks back and forth to adjust for daylight saving time twice a year, how else are you “managing time”? Perhaps you can manage projects, people, tasks, budgets, etc. […]

Dreams, Duds and Definitions

Defining, targeting, and recognizing the “ideal client” is like separating the dreams from the duds. If you don’t do the former, you’ll eventually end up with the latter. People often ask me “how can I find more deals?” Well, I guess there are different ways to skin a cat: A.) Brawn: Spend more time and […]

How to Beat Those Pesky Last Year Results

You do have to feed your prospect pipeline and generate new clients on a constant basis, so your business doesn’t dry out over time. The good news is, you can do it with very moderate means, and a good dose of street smarts… read more

How to Grow Your Business

Have you thought about growing your cash flow business during the coming year? If business growth is part of your next year’s objectives – and it should be – here are some suggestions that might help you achieve your goal… read more

Red Flags or Paranoia?

A while ago, one of our brokers referred a potentially new factoring prospect to us. When she described the situation over the phone, the project didn’t sound anything like a slam-dunk. Nevertheless, we agreed that she would send us her notes from her conversation with the prospect to give us a better idea. However, when […]

10 Easy Ways to Kill Your Cash Flow Business

If you are one of those cash flow movers and shakers who are determined to “make it happen”, here’s the thing: You could be your worst enemy. To go from awful to awesome, avoid the biggest mistakes cash flow consultants make … read more

The Best Zero-Cost Strategy to Improve Your Business

To achieve better business results you don’t necessarily need to have deep pockets and invest a small fortune in the latest technology, more sales people, or expansive advertising. There are other things you can do yourself today to take your business from blah to blazing. Across most industries with highly fragmented and often saturated markets, […]

Gazing Into The Cash Flow Business’ Crystal Ball

Nothing is more constant or permanent than change. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to predict when it will come, what it will look like, and what the intended and unintended consequences will be. With that said, what is the future of the cash flow business? Five major things will shape the future of our […]