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Cash Flow Exclusive™ is an interactive information and communication site with a focus on the cash flow business and the thousands of brokers and consultants who are a part of this 2nd market financing industry. 

The purpose of is to provide a dedicated information and communication exchange platform to help connect the right funding sources with the right cash flow consultants/brokers, with the ultimate objective of providing better and more realistic financing options to both individuals (B2C) and businesses (B2B).

If you have a message and want your voice to be heard within the cash flow industry to support your business strategy, advertising on the Cash Flow Exclusive™ website can help you do just that! 

Advertising opportunities include:

The Premium Box a.k.a. “The # 1appears in the upper right hand corner of our web pages and provides top visibility and exposure for your company. In addition to its prime location, it also offers a great amount and balance of space for creative and copy as well as additional flexibility by alternating (i.e. cross-fading) between two ads, so you can double your effectiveness by running two distinct visuals and/or copy in the same high-impact position at the same time.

Specifications for the Premium Box (see first sample on the right):

  • File Format: JPEG or GIF
  • File Size: not to exceed 30KB
  • Dimensions:  250 X 300 pixels at 72dpi

The Side Bar Banner a.k.a. “Forget-Me-Notallows for a second tier positioning while still providing excellent visibility and exposure at a smaller size. If your message is very concise (e.g. a simple slogan or tag-line,) and if awareness, branding, and recognition are your key advertising objectives, the Side Bar Banner might be the right choice for you.

Specifications for the Side Bar Banner (see second sample on the right):

  • File Format: JPEG or GIF 
  • File Size: not to exceed 15KB
  • Dimensions:  250 X 150 pixels at 72dpi

The Double-Wide Skyscraper a.k.a. “The Work-Horse” is situated vertically on the sidebar of a page. It clearly makes the boldest statement and guarantees the highest visibility and impact, as it provides the largest space and best opportunities for the most effective combination of creative and copy.

Specifications for the Double-Wide Skyscraper (see sample on the right):

  • File Format: JPEG or GIF
  • File Size: not to exceed 40KB
  • Dimensions:  250 X 600 pixels at 72dpi

The Footer Banner a.k.a. “The John Hancock“, displays at the bottom of our website pages like a “signature line”. It captures the visitors’ attention and leaves the last(ing) impression before they are ready to move on. Similar to the “Side Bar Banner”, the primary focus of this advertising format is rather on your message and your branding, while the creative opportunities and visuals take a secondary position.  

Specifications for the Footer Banner (see sample at the bottom of the page):

  • File Format: JPEG or GIF
  • File Size: not to exceed 30 KB
  • Dimensions:  728 X 90 pixels at 72dpi


For pricing information or specific questions on any of the above-captioned advertising opportunities, request the current CFE Media Kit, or call Advertising at 415-242-1806 between 9:00 a.m. –  5:00 p.m. PST, or simply drop us a quick note below.

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