Cash Flow Exclusive, LLC (or CFE for short) is the Florida-based, privately held company behind the well-established, monthly online trade magazine Cash Flow Exclusive™, which was first published in March 2009. The company was founded with the sole purpose to provide a dedicated and interactive information, education, and communication exchange platform to professionals in the cash flow industry. The core concept behind CFE is simple and has transcended our name, product, and motto: Cash Flow Exclusive™- Learn. Grow. Succeed.

Everything you find within Cash Flow Exclusive™ is dedicated exclusively to cash flow, and it’s all about learning, improvement, support, training, growth, and success. You will find an unparalleled commitment to providing an industry resource that brings people together, regardless whether they are investors, intermediaries, consultants, or even private individuals or business owners looking for innovative and non-traditional personal or business financing solutions in the multi-trillion dollar cash flow industry.

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The Cash Flow Buzz

    Botox For Your Cash Flow Business


    It’s high time you plump up your business and get the old wrinkles out. Here’s a great way to get started. Are you taking your cash-flow business seriously? What are you doing differently this year to see more opportunities and close more deals than last year? While the first question is probably not one upon which you reflect very often (if at all), the second one definitely deserves some consideration and a well thought out answer, if your response to the first one would be a resounding “yes, of course”. But doing things differently or even doing different things is not always as easy as it may sound. We are all creatures of habit and tend to hold on to what we know best or what simply “feels good” within our comfort zone. And when the results of all we do are not as desired, at least we find comfort in knowing that we did our best. But maybe now is the time to change that paradigm… read more

    The 2018 IFA Annual Factoring Conference: Revolutionizing the Future of the Commercial Finance Industry


    On May 9-12, 2018, attendees will gather at the largest conference in the world exclusively designed for commercial finance professionals. Dedicated to being the foremost educational experience in the industry, the 24th Annual Factoring Conference is not to be missed. This year’s conference will focus on positioning you and your business for the future. Enter a world of endless possibilities where hundreds of industry leaders will gather together defining the future of factoring and commercial finance. Some of the greatest minds in the commercial finance industry will provide two full days of instruction, delivering expert-led education and topics for all skill sets. Innovative learning formats and engaging instructors allow you to align your education to your own personal needs, interests, and learning level… read more